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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My First Order ^_^

One day my Baking Tutor - Cie Devi called me and ask me a great favor (read: challenge me) to make horse made of fondant and send some pictures for idea boosting :). And I said OK, I'll do it but after that I got really nervous.

Since I really am a true beginner for the sort of things, so start googling around and trying to get the cutest but simplest figurines to make (hahahahha...)

Then the customer, wants to have a barnyard cake meaning: not only horse but several type of farm animals .... googling again and finally, I made this one first:

Look at his smile, and his pony

side view
   then I make another one: 
still love the pony

Mrs Piggy and the ducks

The hens

The cute little lambs

cute little piggy

Lovely Moo couple :)
When I submit the figurines ... C Devi said "Lawuucuuu" Sooo cute... 

So relief .. almost crying and really hope the birthday boy love it..
And for the final result with the cake - details here

Hope all of you love it too.. Enjoy 

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